Cocktail glass set. Includes 7 piece: two tumblers, double-sided stainless steel jigger (25&50 ml), wooden muddler, stainless steel drink stirrer and two sphere silicone ice moulds.

Set of 7 pieces cocktail set

Barva: matt silver

Rozměry (š/v): 0,285 M / 0,475 M

Dimensions: 24.5X26X9CM

Netweight: 0,725

Grossweight: 1,276

Materialtype: Item with multi-materials

Length: 0,510 M

Volume: 0,069 M3

Quantity: 0

Dostupnost: dodání do 5 dní

1470 ks do 2 až 7 dnů

416 Kč s DPH
343,8 Kč bez DPH
Kód produktu: MO6620-16 Ks