Sticky page markers pad in 5 assorted colours and soft seed paper cover. After recording your thoughts on the last sheet, plant the cover and watch it grow into a beautiful field of red popies.

Seed paper page markers pad

Barva: white

Rozměry (š/v): 0,396 M / 0,155 M

Dimensions: 8.3X5.4X0.4CM

Netweight: 0,011

Grossweight: 0,012

Materialtype: Paper

Length: 0,480 M

Volume: 0,029 M3

Quantity: 0

Dostupnost: dodání do 5 dní

4709 ks do 2 až 7 dnů
19995 ks do 44 až 46 dnů

15 Kč s DPH
12,4 Kč bez DPH
Kód produktu: MO6511-06 Ks