RFID blocking card. The aluminium layer inside this card blocks all radio frequencies passing through. All other cards behind this blocking card will be protected from being skimed. (0,76 mm).

RFID blocking card

Barva: white

Rozměry (š/v): 0,240 M / 0,140 M

Dimensions: 8.5X5.5 CM

Netweight: 0,005

Grossweight: 0,006

Materialtype: Plastic

Length: 0,490 M

Volume: 0,016 M3

Quantity: 200

Dostupnost: dodání do 5 dní

75100 ks do 2 až 7 dnů

15 Kč s DPH
12,4 Kč bez DPH
Kód produktu: MO9752-06 Ks