Weather station with pen holder. Displays time, date and temperature. Alarm function. Turn the front to change the colour of the display. 2 cell batteries included.

Weather station

Barva: white/blue

Rozměry (š/v): 0,510 M / 0,270 M

Dimensions: 8,5X8,5X9 CM

Netweight: 0,170

Grossweight: 0,252

Materialtype: Plastic

Length: 0,510 M

Volume: 0,070 M3

Quantity: 25

Dostupnost: dodání do 5 dní

4277 ks do 2 až 7 dnů

327 Kč s DPH
270,25 Kč bez DPH
Kód produktu: KC6464-36 Ks